DISK PLATE / پوسته DISK PLATE / چدنی

RadKar Group

Radkar company has started its activity in 1390 with the production name of the solar Spring of Rad Car Mobin, the first and only manufacturer of solar spring for all types of disc clutch such as the Nissan's cars , Pride, the Peugeot 405 and 206 with annual capacity of 200000 pieces. At present this company with having experiences and technical knowledge of the modern world is capable of producing high quality products in accordance with acceptable standards of the country's automotive industry. This company with owing production, molding, laboratory and quality control facilities with the support of experienced engineering team, has provided the possibility of making some spare parts. This manufacturing unit with support, experience and modern technical knowledge has succeed to produce solar spring of the disc sets and clutch for different types of the car which are competitive with similar types of European and Asian countries. Hence this company has been able to be the first and only manufacturer of the disc collection and damper clutch of the Peugeot 405 with production of 90% parts of the country with high quality.